About Us

Hi here at GM Cookers.com, we are a couple of chaps who have worked together for over 20 years in installation,repair and service of the complete AGA range of cookers.

We are both Factory Trained and Oftec / Gas Safe Licensed.


We decided to start this company as we felt we could offer a “Quality Service from people who care”, attitude, which we felt there was a need for. We offer a Bespoke High Quality Reconditioned / Refurbished AGA cooker, installed into your home and commissioned including a guarantee *, as most other companies offer a one size fits all policy.

With us you would start with the Base Model which consists of shot blasted ovens, machined cooking plates to a level finish, new ropes, seals, gaskets, insulation and top insulating blanket. From this starting point you may choose a good refurbished front plate and doors (which is good for the planet & your bank account).  You may also choose a refurbished top plate and lids.

From this point you could decide to keep a good refurbished front plate and doors but opt for a Re-enamelled top plate and lids, as we say the choice is yours.

Every AGA we sell and install is built with our dedication and experience and is unique to you, so before you decide please contact either Marc or Gary to discuss your options and site requirements.

We can supply in a choice of colours and either oil, gas or electric fuels to suit your requirements.