Reconditioned AGA

Built to your budget

recondirtioned aga, by gm cookers, Exeter, Devon, Southwest.

GM Cookers source unloved cookers and completely strip them down into their component parts, which are then either reconditioned/ refurbished or replaced as necessary.

You choose the Fuel and Model then Budget range :

Start off from a Base model with choice of oven and fuel type, then build from there to suit your budget and requirements.

All Base models come with shot blasted ovens, new ropes, seals, gaskets as required and top insulation blanket with new insulation filling.

You can then choose good, Up-cycled Aga parts including

The front plate & doors. Or replace it with a re-enamelled door in a choice of colours to suit your requirements. Then if desired you can opt for a re-enamelled top plate, replacement lids, hand rail brackets, shroud/diverter**, lid/door liners, hand rail, oven tunnels, and/or thermometer**

The choice is really yours….

(** if applicable)

Gallery of work from GM Cookers.